American West on Film

After having been able to share the knowledge of two great nature photographers (James Shooter and Annmarie Meredith) with you in the last weeks, today I’d like to return to the US with some of my own images. The next nature photographer-interview will be going online in a couple of weeks time.

During our US road trip, I was accompanied by my trusted Nikon DSLR but also by the beloved analogue Olympus SLR that my father had handed down to me. It had been quite a while since I had used the Olympus and I suspected that some of the light proofing rubbery parts had worn off. Nevertheless, I thought it would be worth a try and equipped with a bit of light proof duct tape and two rolls of Agfa 100, the SLR rarely left my side during those weeks.

It took me a while to get the films developed as due to finishing uni and moving house I was left without a dark room and chemicals. Luckily, there still are a few stores in the UK that develop black and white film for you. In any case, the result was one blank roll of film (I am assuming the film wasn’t transported in the camera properly) and one slightly dodgy film with marks where the sunlight somehow managed to sneak past the duct tape and onto the film. Nevertheless, I quite like the effect that the light has had on the photos. But please, judge for yourself.

Sunset over Death Valley

On the Road
On the Road

Playing the Ukulele
Playing the Ukulele

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