Wunderding Update I

After quite a few posts on nature parks and my travels in the US, I thought it was time to write about one of my other endeavors again, namely Wunderding.

I first introduced you to my work for Wunderding about 8 months ago. I wrote how came to make the acquaintance of Alexander Schlichter, founder of the platform and became involved in this project supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Since then, quite a bit has happened.


Initially, Wunderding was a web-platform introducing science and tech startups from around the world. From the beginning, it was clear that Wunderding had not reached its final form yet and that a lot of brainstorming, changing, adapting, tweaking etc. etc. still had to be done and was continuously being done but the overall form roughly stayed the same for the first year.

However, after a few weeks break end of 2016 and a lot of work and coding by Alexander later, Wunderding was re-launched at the beginning of this year with a new look and with a shift in focus. Instead of, more or less regularly, introducing science and tech startups, Wunderding is now focussing on bringing you news from 3 areas – VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artifical Intelligence) and CRISPR (Genome Editing). Quite a few of the startups we had reported on, were based in these areas, thus this seemed like a natural step.

Another, rather major, change is that we are now publishing a weekly newsletter in which we introduce 15 to 20 new science articles related to AI, VR or CRISPR from sources such as Wired, Nautilus, The Atlantic, Scientific American… The newsletter roughly sums up each article in a few sentences and links to the actual article, the author and further related reading material. Due to time limitations (reading and summarizing all those articles is much more time-consuming than one might expect), the newsletter at the moment is “only” appearing in German – but this might change soon. Also, momentarily the layout and the summaries of the articles are still changing quite a bit but we are positive that we’ll find an even better way to present this information to you soon. I am guessing, Wunderding will always be evolving in one form or another, simply, as that seems to be one of the qualities of web-based ventures.

Lastly, after already having worked with amazing ventures such as The Falling Walls Conference, we have now had the great opportunity to become part of the Science Riff built up by a group of German journalists – the RiffReporters. So now you can also read the weekly newsletter on this young journalistic platform here.

All in all, I would say that 2017 has given Wunderding a promising start and I am looking forward to all the things to come (and to continue improve my science writing-abilities one newsletter at a time)!

And in case you are interested in Wunderding and would like to tell us what the ideal newsletter would look like for you (and if you can read German), we would value if you’d share your opinion and ideas with us in this quick questionnaire. Thank you!

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