Flying Predators

Back in February, we had an outing to the International Centre of Birds of Prey with the University.  Aim of the day for me was to get the photos for my “birds article” for the magazine project. I was hesitant to post any of the bird photos from that earlier, as I wasn’t sure which ones I would use n the magazine in the end. But now that that decision has been made, here are a few of the “leftover” images which I like.

It was an overcast day and I didn’t want to push my ISO levels too far. Maybe not the best decision, especially during the flight shows. This meant that I mainly ended up with several hundred blurred photos of flying birds (or empty sky when the bird had been faster than I’d thought) – but I did get some sharp images of the majestic predators in the end.

Nevertheless, my favourite images from the day are the “portrait” ones, as they show more of the bird’s character in my opinion.


An African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus vocifer during one of the flight shows.


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