Back to the Dark Room

It’s been a while since I last managed to find the time to shoot some film – especially not in connection with uni work. Annoyingly I had to leave my beloved analogue Olympus in Germany when I came to the UK as I had to decide between taking warm clothes or more gear, and my fear of being cold won. However, despite not having any actual film-assignments for uni at the moment, we’re still allowed to each use a very nice uni property gear: analogue Canon bodies and Sigma 50 mm lenses.

Yesterday I developed the roll of film with photos that I have taken over the last weeks – I’ve been yearning to do so for quite a while now so I immediately scanned the film after it had dried as I wanted to see the results. I just want to share a few quick impressions with you today.

Sheep overlooking the Peak District


A visiting friend


Daffodils or “Easter Bells” – which is the German name (Osterglocken)

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