Further Attempts in Microscopy

On the Mondays of microscopy that have gone by since my first blog post on photography using a microscope, I have figured out how to lock the mirror of my DSLR up. Also, after a while of hunting through a bundle of cables, I did at last find the right cable in order to connect my (until then unused) remote shutter control with the camera.

Now, using the remote control and the locked mirror, I am doing everything I can think of at the moment in order to avoid blurred images due to camera shake.

The photos still aren’t exactly what I would call crisp and clear, however I believe that a difference is noticeable. Hopefully more progression will be noticeable in the next sessions. Some examples of the objects we’ve been looking at and photographing are below.

Algae taken from a pond on campus. From the left to right: Spirulina, Micrasterias and a couple of Euastrum


human_genome_male1 (1 of 1)-4
Human chromosomes


ammonite1 (1 of 1)-3
Details on the shell of a fossilised ammonite


Honey under a geological microscope – the crystals are sugar crystals



  1. Oh wow! These pictures are so awesome ^.^ Thank you very much for sharing them sunshine, and good job, they definitely look better!


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