Preludes of Winter and a multitude of Waterfowl

Autumn truly is here. A lot of the trees in the university park are near to bare and the campus is littered with leaves. Especially the mornings, when the fog still is hanging heavily over the university lake, are very picturesque. However, when comparing the multitude of wildlife, which was found here only a few weeks ago, to the flora and fauna now, it is obvious that winter is coming. Next to a forlorn ladybug here and there, near to no insects can be seen crawling around, spiders are scarce – hibernation is the keyword for many species at the moment. Even the fungi we were able to photograph in every corner merely two weeks ago are retreating.

Thus, using one of the not so foggy mornings this week, I ventured out to photograph some of the sparse creatures on campus, which still are braving the cool weather. These are mainly birds, in particular waterfowl, living alongside the lake.

My aim was to practice the capturing of animal behaviour. Thereby I varied my camera settings so that I was freezing the moment of action in some photos and allowing blurriness on others in order to show movement. I found that the Egyptian geese were particularly amusing subjects – they seemed to enjoy the attention.

Alopochen aegyptiacus - Egyptian goose*
Alopochen aegyptiacus – Egyptian goose*

Chroicocephalus ridibundus - Black-headed gull*
Chroicocephalus ridibundus – Black-headed gull*

A young Mute swan - Cygnus olor
A young Mute swan – Cygnus olor

A grooming adult Mute swan - Cygnus olor
A grooming adult Mute swan – Cygnus olor

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