The beginning of a new chapter

Hi, my name is Sarah Houben. I spent the last three years studying Life Sciences in Münster, Germany and then decided to follow my interest in scientific imaging and communication. Thus three weeks ago I started the Masters course “Biological Photography and Imaging” at the University of Nottingham, England. I believe that photos and moving images are important tools when illustrating scientific issues – they make topics more accessible and awareness often can be raised more easily with pictures than simply with text. During the Masters course I intend to acquire the ability to depict biological topics and to link that with my scientific background. 

This blog aims to document my doings, and hopefully improvements, during this one year long course.

Within the first weeks, we, the 7 student strong course, have been practicing the use of different lenses. Whilst doing this, special emphasis was put on macro photography, using macro and telephoto lenses. In order to train our photographic skills with living creatures and “real” wildlife we went on outings to Twycross zoo, the Attenborough Nature Reserve and Sherwood Forest. Some of my first photographic attempts from the course can be seen below. 

Water drops on leaf
Water drops on leaf*

Blackberry thorn
Blackberry thorn

Laparus doris viridis Doris Longwing Butterfly
Heliconius melpomene – Postman Butterfly*

Eryphanis polyxena Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly
Eryphanis polyxena – Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly

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